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Everything you ever dreamed of can become reality only in the best place where our London Escorts girls are special trained to get you to the wings of pleasure in a very short time. New sessions of relaxation and new environments will make this trip to us, the trip of your life and it is our surprise for you and you will feel just like a king in his lover arms. We know you want this, so hurry up and don’t let the ladies wait for you! Only with London Erotic Massage the direct proximity is possible. It is important to let go and let the therapist to make his form of relaxation method without making a lot of thought about it......and this you can find only in our salon where specialists will make you go on a land of joy especially with the help of new methods of relaxation .This method of relaxation will bring harmony and balance in your life to become a really relaxed and happy person.

The best sensual experience

While most of the clients at our erotic massage London salon are men, we most certainly welcome women, as well as couples. Furthermore, there are times when our clients ask for even more than one therapist to be present during the session, something that makes our masseuses even more grateful – after all, when a client asks for them it is only because they had a splendid time together.


The nuru London erotic massage is a Japanese technique which can also be called body to body massage, or even body sliding. There are copious amounts of nuru gel used during these massage sessions, which make the bodies lubricated and ready to glide onto the other. Of course, it is only natural that both the client and the masseuse remove all the restrains of the clothes – these techniques is a very sensual and erotic one, and the undergarments will just get in the way.

The nuru gel is a special massage gel made from the nori seaweed. While it doesn’t seem like the best choice to be made for a gel ingredient, special techniques have rendered the nori odorless, transparent, and tasteless, which is actually very important, since during the London erotic massage session some of the gel will certainly touch the masseuse’s lips. Why is this gel used? Because it is the most lubricant massage gel and because it has the necessary properties for soothing and relaxing the skin – also, since the masseuse will use her entire body in order to massage the client’s it is always helpful if there is no uncomfortable friction.

Speaking of which, there are plenty of positions which can all be tried during a nuru session - it all depends on the client and what makes him feel more pleasure. The most common position is with the client facing down on the mattress and with the masseuse straddling him. Of course, she will maintain this position only in the beginning, when she pours nuru gel on her and on the client. After she has soaked him and she has worked a little with her hands on his muscles, she can begin sliding on top of him, using every part of her body in order to massage the client.

Of course, the erotic massage London can go even further, with the client positioned on top of the masseuse – our beautiful therapists are professional indeed, since they can move in a very satisfying way underneath the client, never forgetting what the purpose of the entire massage session is. And this purpose is the complete relaxation of both the body and the spirit. Obviously, because of the intimate touching which will be intensified towards the end of the session, the client will experience true pleasure. However, this will happen only because he had to release all the tension in his body, including in here the sexual tension.

Once that happens, the therapist will cover the client with a soft sheet and let him bask in satisfaction and peace for as long as it takes. Naturally, after the Mojo London massage session has ended, they can both share a shower together, in order to remove all of the nuru gel from their bodies.
If it sound pretty good to experience something like this, than you have to know that it is even better. All you have to do is give us a call and make the arrangements for your own erotic massage London session. When you will leave with a smile on your face, the only thing you will think about is the next time you will visit us.


Tantric Massage in Central London 24/7

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Have you ever thought of a really special time next to a sensual masseuse who would love to take care of you and give you a relaxing time? Well, I guess the time to think about your pleasures and to make them real has become now! Tantric Massage London is a special place where you can find a professional trained masseuse and a sweet companion, the desires of your heart. London Tantric Massage is certainly one of the most sensual experience and a completely relaxing way of enjoying yourself for a while in such a wonderful company. Tantric Massage is a sensual and healing relaxing method which opens up the body, mind and emotions to circulate sexual energy around the body. The main attraction is of course the aromatherapy relaxation which will make you feel like a new person, protecting you away from all troubles and all daily stress. We believe that even one single session is good enough to make you forget about your daily problems and to take a good time along with your desired lady which will pamper and spoil you just like a  new-born baby. You should definitely try our high ranked services, you won't be disapointed. It's worth it!

Oriental delight

Many men that have visited us at our London erotic massage parlour didn’t expect anything else than pure pleasure – we and our professional masseuses gave them that and then some. Tantrism is much more than just physical pleasure, it is spiritual closeness to the other. In this particular case, the other is a beautiful and sensual woman that would do anything in order to satisfy that man. This closeness is not the usual intimacy a man would have with a professional escort – the physicality of such a relationship is transcended, the many actually experiencing for the first time a perfect balance between body and spirit.


When you will visit us, you will see that these aren’t just simple words. When you are with our beautiful angels, you are not a client. You are a friend, you are a man that deserves all the good things that could happen. Your lovely London tantric massage therapist will greet you with a sincere smile and a glass of red wine (or a cup of herbal tea, depending on your preferences) –everybody knows how relaxing such beverages are.
And that is because being comfortable and relaxed even before the actual massage session has started is essential for the success of the therapy. That is why your naughty masseuse will greet you wearing nothing than a see through robe, which will do a poor job at hiding her voluptuous forms and her naughty lingerie.


You will enter a sanctuary where everything is carefully prepared for your wellbeing. There are countless of scented candles all over the massage room, their light guiding you towards a perfect place where all the monotony and commotion of the outside world cannot enter. The soft tantric music will help you switch off, freeing your mind of every thought. The special oils and massage gels are already warmed, prepared to enhance all the beautiful sensations. Lastly, the comfortable air mattress is positioned exactly in the middle of the room, where all the positive energies converge.
So enter this sanctuary, where everything is there to serve you. You don’t have to worry about a thing – let your lovely masseuse talk you into the tantric erotic massage London session, slowly revealing her entire beauty. Let her help you with your own clothes – take her hand and let her lead you to the hot and bubbly bathtub, where an amazing soapy massage will follow. This is the perfect beginning for any kind of special massage London erotic massage therapy. This won’t be just for cleansing your body, but also for getting the two of you unbearably close to each other.


This is for her to learn first-hand what really pleases you.

And then the magic will continue on the comfortable air mattress – this is just a glimpse into what will happen later on. We won’t spoil anything for you, but we will let your imagination wonder – any fantasy that you might have, any hidden desire that you might nurture, anything can become a reality. Satisfaction will be complete with the help of our naughty masseuses.

So don’t wait any longer and call us now. Make a first tantric erotic massage London appointment and convince yourself that we offer much more than just physical pleasure. Call us and you will never feel disappointment again. We are all waiting for you, with open arms and steady hands. Pleasure awaits you!

Best Body 2 Body massage Parlour in Central London

The body to body massage London experience is a must, and it doesn’t matter if you are a Londoner or not, if you have been to such a massage parlour before or not. In any way, our beautiful masseuses will meet and exceed any of your expectations – with them the pleasure and relaxation felt during a professional erotic massage London session is guaranteed, and even more than that.

What counts the most during any kind of massage session is that the man doesn’t feel at all like he is just another client. With our beautiful masseuses you will be so much more than that – you will be a partner, you will be a teacher and a student. With them you will learn all the secrets of the pleasant oriental massage techniques, as well as many things about your own body. In exchange, your beautiful therapists will also learn about themselves and about you – this is not a simple job, this is a passion.

The London body to body massage is in fact the old nuru massage, which was improved over time – there is no massage session to resemble another when coming to us, even if you appealed to the services of the same therapist. And that is because all the sessions are custom tailored to better fit the needs and wishes of every man that comes to us. And since there is no day like another, all the London erotic massage sessions are completely different, even if the same guiding lines are followed.

Probably the most impressive thing about these special sessions is that this technique actually appeals to your and her imagination. Thus, if you can start under her, you can finish on top – literally, there is no ending as to how this massage therapy can unfold. And if you don’t really know what would make you feel better, we are more than certain that your masseuse will.

Before the sensual massage session begins, as with any other massage techniques used at our massage parlour, the body to body massage London therapist will be very inviting when she’ll excuse herself in order to take a quick shower. Just take her hand and let her lead. During your sensation soapy massage, she will learn first-hand what pleases you the most and what not. Even more important, both of you will get to acquaint with each other’s body, thus becoming more comfortable and relaxed even before the session has started.

But don’t get us wrong. Even if the physical pleasure is very important during these special massage sessions, it isn’t just for the sake of pleasure. Instead, what follows after it counts the most. After she has driven you on the verge of exploding and after you have felt the most intense and longest pleasure ever, you will find yourself descending into the deepest state of relaxation. Just one massage session with any of our beautiful and professional masseuses will be more than enough to get you ready for yet another week in the world.

So now you don’t have to wait any longer in order to feel pleasure and relaxation. Call us now and make your first body to body massage London appointment and we will make sure that the masseuse (or masseuses) of your choosing will make all your wishes become true.

Come and try the Asian Massage in London

London Asian Massage is a very pleasant and soothing treatment. We held it, usually by relaxing music in a relaxing atmosphere.If you are a visitor in the Capital City for business or pleasure then why not indulge yourself with an asian massage? You will be taken to a world of enchantment and abandonment where you will find heaven for relaxation and serenity with its exceptional naturist rub down.  Asian Erotic Massage London helps you relax your body and mind, you might have heard of it before or you have read it in papers or internet; but one thing is clear; it's really useful and relaxing at the same time. We know you want to experience this, so do not hesitate and give us a call and our friendly receptionist will recommend you the best masseuse which fits you. You will definitely not be disapointed at all, thanks to our special treatments and our sensual masseuses. We even provide a mobile service for those stressful days when you don't feel or you don't have energy to leave your home, office or hotel but need a pair of magical hands. In this case, you are highly needed to book a special treatment with one of our large amount of beauties. Be a real man, Call us for the best erotic massage in London! 

A therapy for all your senses

A asian sensual erotic massage London session will be one for all your senses – from head to toe, your beautiful masseuse (or masseuses, if you want a special four hands massage) will take a good care of you, helping you discover new meanings for pleasure and relaxation. Our massage techniques, which are some of the most erotic and sensual in nature, will please both your body and your spirit – and all the beautiful sensations will be further enhanced by the special oils and massage gels.


Everything is special with us, from the beauty of our massage therapists to the way our massage rooms are all arranged. It counts very much for a successful massage therapy that you feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible even before the actual session has started. That is why in our massage rooms everything that exists is for your own pleasure. There is nothing in there that couldn’t be used in your therapy.

This way, a London erotic massage room has countless of scented candles, all of which will be lighted by your sensual masseuse as you are sipping from a glass of red wine (or a cup of herbal tea, depending on your preferences). Then, dancing on a still unheard tune, she will put some soft music to play in the background – dancing slowly, she will then remove her robe and reveal the sexiest lingerie ever. No woman has looked as beautiful as our models, with the light of the candles washing down her body.

Moving towards you, she will kneel in front of you and help you with your clothes. Take her hand and let her lead you towards the hot and bubbly bathtub, where an amazing soapy massage will follow. This is just a sneak preview of all the magic that will happen later on the comfortable air mattress. This isn’t any longer about the body’s hygiene, which is always important, even during a regular massage session. This is about the two of you getting closer to each other, getting to know each other’s body as intimately as possible. This is about her learning first-hand what your greatest pleasures are.

This is the perfect beginning for a asian sensual erotic massage London session. This always happens when you come to us – afterwards, everything goes. Only the sky is the limit as to how the rest of the therapy will unfold, simply because all the massage technique are very malleable and they can all be adjusted each time in order to fit the needs of the man. And you are that man that needs to come to us.

So call us and tell us what you need. We will be more than happy to tell you a few things about our naughty angels and about the special erotic massage London techniques they will use. Call us and make all your fantasies become a reality.

A single massage session with any of our professional and experienced masseuses will convince you that we are indeed the best in the city. Our beautiful London sensual massage angels will meet and exceed any and all of your expectations.

Call us – satisfaction awaits you.